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Chef Simão Ramos

Today we present Simão Ramos, the new Chef at Casa das Muralhas! Born in Covilhã, he has always loved cooking and has a vast and enviable curriculum. After working in some of the biggest hotels in the region and several years abroad, at the age of 40 he accepted the challenge of heading the Bistro Bar at Casa das Muralhas. Get to know our Chef a little better.

How did your interest in cooking come about?

My interest in gastronomy started very early! Already as a child I was very curious and when my mother cooked I always near her to learn! Another curiosity is that every year, at Carnival time, my parents would dress me up as a cook and I loved it! I think that the fascination for this wonderful world was born and grew with me.

At the age of 40 you already have a vast professional experience, can you tell us a little about your journey?

To continue my passion, I enrolled in the course of Kitchen and Pastry Technician in the Escola Profissional de Hotelaria de Manteigas (Professional School of Hotel Management of Manteigas) in 1998. During the 3 years of training I had the opportunity to do internships from north to south of the country, namely in Hotel Lusitano in Vilar Formoso, Novotel Porto Vermar in Póvoa de Varzim and in Hotel Clube Praia da Rocha in Portimão. Still as a student, I had the honour of representing the school at an international fair in Morlaàs, France.

When I finished my studies I started my professional life in our region, more precisely in the Pousada Convento de Belmonte, as a cook. After a while, I returned to my home city, Covilhã, firstly at the Hotel Varanda dos Carqueijais, then for 7 years at the TRYP Covilhã Dona Maria Hotel.

After all this time in Portugal, I decided to venture abroad for 7 years, where I learned the basics and techniques that further enriched my professional experience.

Later the opportunity arose to return to my country and to Serra da Estrela, where for 3 years I embraced the Turistrela project. As Executive Chef I was responsible for the kitchens in Hotel Serra da Estrela, Hotel Varanda dos Carqueijais and Quinta da Amoreira.

Before arriving at Casa das Muralhas, I was in one of the most exciting and exhilarating projects for me, being Chef de Cuisine at Belmonte Sinai Hotel, where I deepened my knowledge and techniques of kosher cooking.

In these two decades, I'm sure you crossed paths with many people. Who marked you most along this journey?

There were several people who helped me to become a better professional, but if I have to highlight one, without a doubt it would be Chef Manuel Fernandes from Pousada Convento de Belmonte. He was decisive in my professional training, I know that thanks to Chef Manuel I became a more complete cook.

And what attracted you to Casa das Muralhas?

Casa das Muralhas appealed to me because it is a family project that invests in quality, modernity and innovation, without ever forgetting its origins and its connection to the region. The Bistro Bar presents a concept that suits the type of gastronomy that I most like to work with and completes me as a professional!

What are your ambitions for Casa das Muralhas at a gastronomic level?

The path mapped out by me and the management is an ambitious one. The aim is to continue the work already done, but always raising the level and quality of service. We have a very dedicated team and I know that they share with me the ambition and the desire to be different from other restaurants! Obviously we want to win awards, like the Golden Fork (Garfo de Ouro), but more important than any distinction, our daily focus is to satisfy and surprise our customers.

What news can we expect in the near future?

Soon, we can expect several novelties at Casa das Muralhas. Over the coming weeks, new concepts and working methodologies will be introduced, which will result in new dishes and experiences for those who visit us. We will work hard so that Casa das Muralhas may cement its name in the gastronomic route of the Beira region and at a national level. We are committed to providing unique experiences that will certainly make you want to come back!

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An Ny
An Ny
Jul 19, 2023

Good luck! You are absolutely amazing! Each dish of yours is a peace of art. You are definitely a star on an international level.

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