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Casa das Muralhas - Wine Club by Niepoort

Get ready for a night of exquisite flavors and extraordinary wines! The Wine Club events are returning to Casa das Muralhas on June 15th. It will be a unique wine and gastronomic experience, filled with refined tastings and perfect pairings. In this exclusive event, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a carefully curated selection of Niepoort wines, accompanied by delicious dishes prepared by Chef Simão Ramos.

With the special presence of wine producer Daniel Niepoort, this is an unmissable night for true wine enthusiasts.

Starting at 7:00 PM, participants will be welcomed in the Patio of Casa das Muralhas for a finger food tasting. This selection of small delicacies will be carefully paired with standout wines from Niepoort, including the Dry White, a golden port with a fresh and concentrated finish; the Rótulo Branco, a delicate wine that reflects the typical granite of the Dão region; the ADN Loureiro Seco, which surprises with its freshness and minerality; the sparkling Água Viva, and the Drink Me Nat Cool, a relaxed and uncomplicated wine, perfect for the summer.

Enjoy the combination of flavors from the dishes and the aromatic notes of the presented wines, while relaxing with a view of the historic center of Covilhã.

The Wine Club continues at the Bistro Bar with the first course, a delicious Sea Bass Fillet. This dish will be paired with excellent white wines from Niepoort, including the Redoma Branco, known for its complexity and elegance, and the VV Bical Maria Gomes Branco, which combines freshness and elegance. Enjoy the perfect harmony between the delicate flavors of the fish and the aromatic nuances of Niepoort's white wines.

Next, a succulent Veal Tournedos will be served, accompanied by award-winning red wines from Niepoort. Indulge in the Quinta da Lomba Garrafeira Tinto, a wine with a distinct character, typical of the Dão region, and the Quinta de Nápoles Tinto, an elegant and balanced red with a captivating aromatic profile. The combination of the intense flavors of the meat with the selected red wines promises a truly memorable experience.

To conclude the evening on a high note, the chef will prepare a sweet surprise that will delight your palate. This dessert will be paired with exceptional wines from Niepoort, such as Trudy, Tawny Colheita 2003, and Aguardente Vínica Niepoort Velha, a true gem among spirits.

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this exclusive event! The Wine Club by Niepoort has limited seating, so it is essential to make your reservation in advance. The cost per person is 50€ (VAT included).

For reservations, please contact us at +351 968 359 524 or visit Casa das Muralhas directly. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable wine and gastronomic experience in the company of renowned wine producer Daniel Niepoort.

Secure your spot and get ready for an evening of flavor, culture, and a passion for wine!

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